Friday, April 25, 2008

Experiental v. Experience

In the wake of the Pennsylvania primary election, I feel compelled to share this video of a speech made by Obama, pre-Iraq 2002. What I keep hearing about the measures of experience from the Clinton camp, their preparedness to take up the reins immediately because she's been standing up or taking on (as she says) Republicans for over "a decade" -- is very use of language and approach we need to change. We don't need more division, we need Unity, across all parties and ideologies. Obama is the only person talking in this manner. That's why I voted for him in my primary in Colorado earlier this spring. More experience does not dictate proper action or capability: case in point -- almost the entire current Administration cabinet began as a who's-who of previous term participants, many stemming from George Bush Sr.'s presidency. That cabinet is chalked full of experience, so much so that there have been countless jokes since the very beginning about Bush not even being the one running the country, but a puppet to other masters. So where has experience gotten us?

As Einstein said about the nature of Insanity, it is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Experience in the methods of the old world does not guarantee success, or vision or anything capable of ensuring a better future. To begin, we must begin new: new ideas, new ways of doing things -- to drop our stories of intolerance and finger-pointing. In the end, we all have to pick up the slack. The buck stops here and now: this is a Generation of Hope. And hope is empowering, because it provides strength and determination. It is the quelling of silence, it is the roar of many, too many voices, which for too many years maintained indifference, for lack of any spark of Truth; the truth that goodness is inside us. And not a lofty goal that must be reached by tackling mountains, or waging war or instilling fear... but instead the experiential fact that change is a house we build together.

This is not about race or gender, and yet it is. But both are illusions. And at this time in American history, illusive angles and puffed up "experience" claims do nothing when the call is made for Character. For Integrity. For Purpose. Obama has been "standing" up to iniquities far longer than Senator Clinton, who swerves and wavers in her stance based on who shares her company and takes no responsibility for the divisiveness she portrays, but instead trumps it like a good hand of cards. The problem is, this is no game.

This is the age when Ethics shall trump Power. The powerful and the egoic impulses of commerce and greed shall fall away, as darkness from a blinding light. I see in Obama the hope of a united country, the coming full circle with the malice and constitutional ignorance of humanity's power and depth of being, and transcending all odds, because it is the Will of the People that it be so. He is the perfect symbol of the body-nation: shackles removed, no longer torn by slavery and indecent politics.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Myth of Protein

I know, I know: I have been a very bad blogger. It's been 11 days or so since my last little post. I haven't even written regularly since creating my new blog, and this is shameful. And I'm sorry. It stems from a lot of things; one being that I feel I do not know what to write. I haven't been feeling particularly insightful and had backslid into cooked food oblivion for a few months. I was all set to do the juice feast in March, and didn't juice the whole month (guilt, guilt).

So what do I have too offer now? A new and clearer perspective. I have been feeling that my life too date has been a series of reactionary efforts and rarely (I realized) did I make choices based with any kind of authenticity of intention. This time off from school -- as I withdrew for the spring semester, been a whirl-wind of emotions and discoveries: I really had to throw wide the closet doors and clean out the stuff that's been causing the distress, the stuff rotting in the corner since age nine or ten or eleven. (I started having memories of abuse...which have been) The single throttled event that I had conveniently misplaced into some back alley of the brain and yet still the stage I performed from ever since. I will not go into ANY of that here... but it has led me to a realization of how and why I act the way that I do. And remembering, is healing. Even if it feels like you're going to die first.

So, that is my excuse for not writing. *smiles. It has made me more inward and less apt to share or express for fear that it would all come tumbling out. Whew. So that being done. Onward me beauties, onward!

I have really been falling in love with Raw all over again, its like this amazing love affair; the most uncomplicated and freeing relationship, because it suspends you in blissful certainty and unravels decades of pain and sore muscles. I have been enjoying an abundance of coconut water, which I usually charge with a pinch of Celtic sea salt -- I don't know why I am compelled to do this, as coconut water is like the top top for electrolytes, but it tastes good, so I do it. Lovely. It's so hydrating. If you haven't wacked your way into a young coconut yet, and I will admit it was daunting at first, trying to predict the fell of the knife into hard shell (Thank god I have good knives that won't chip of dent), but please try it. It is different than dried or sweet coconut, or coconut milk even-- so unravel expectations: they only work to deminish joy.

However, what I wanted really to share with you today was this short video about the myth of Protein. And I don't know why I never thought of this before, but he is absolutely correct. Even taking a college nutrition course (where they are grossly misled anyway) they tell you that the reason you need protein is the construction of amino acids... so you can build body tissue, what Tim is describing: "taking out the middle man" -- This video is speaking an exceptional truth. Enjoy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

I'll explain that title later, but I do feel that I must pass on what We Like it Raw has already posted this morning -- the Truth. Now in a new documentary called FOOD MATTERS.

On the
We Like it Raw site, they write (and thank you for doing the work for us about this):

What is Food Matters?
Food Matters is a documentary film informing you on the best choices you can make for you and your family's health. Helping you save time, money and effort.

In this day and age with so many companies interested in profiting from our misfortune and ill health this film will help keep your money in your pocket and your health in your hands

In a mission to uncover the truth we have tracked down several of the world’s leaders in nutrition and natural healing from around the globe in order to provide you with the most up to date information on curing disease naturally.

When can you watch it? The film is coming soon and will initially only be available through so make sure you’re the first to know by registering your name and email address here

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Excerpts from a Love Letter

Just a quick thought for the day:

"You see, I want a lot. Maybe I want it all: the darkness of each endless fall, the shimmering light of each ascent. So many are alive who don't seem to care. Casual, easy, they move in the world as though untouched. But you take pleasure in the faces of those who know they thirst. You cherish those who grip you for survival. You are not dead yet, it's not too late to open your depths by plunging into them and drink in the life that reveals itself quietly there."